Telling Your Story on the Web & Social Media in 60 Seconds

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  Getting Started
  1 Why Use Dynamic Media
  2 Creating a Simple Slideshow with Adobe Photoshop
  3 Creating a Looping Video Advertisement
  4 Sharing a Panoramic or 360˚ Photo
  5 Creating a Stop Motion Animation
  6 Creating a Cinemagraph
  7 Creating a Plotagraph
  8 Creating an App Demo
  9 Making a White Board Video
  10 Showcasing a Product with a 360˚ Loop
A type of social media post that is popular is a looping video. To be supported by websites for auto looping, it needs to be under thirty-seconds in duration. How do you export the final video from Adobe Premiere Pro and post it online? In this movie, author Richard Harrington exports the final video from Premiere and posts it online.

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