Pictures that Move Creating Cinemagraphs

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  1 What are Cinemagraphs
  2 Essential Shooting Techniques for Cinemagraphs and Plotagraphs
  3 Develop Strategies for Cinemagraphs and Plotagraphs
  4 Creating Cinemagraphs with Photoshop
  5 Creating Cinemagraphs with Flixel
  6 Creating Cinemagraphs with Cliplets
  7 Creating a Plotagraph with Plotagraph Pro
  8 Creating Cinemagraphs with After Effects
  9 Optimizing the Cinemagraphs and Plotagraphs
  10 Posting Cinemagraphs and Plotagraphs
Oftentimes when you build a GIF animation, it may need a little extra processing with Adobe Photoshop. This may need you need to take a second pass in Photoshop for additional compression. Not only can you compress your cinemagraph with Adobe Photoshop, but you can compress it with Adobe Media Encoder, as well. How do you use Media Encoder to compress your cinemagraph video? Are you using a purely Apple workflow and want to recompress your cinemagraph videos? If you have Final Cut Studio, you have access to Apple Compressor. How can you use Compressor to recompress videos?

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