Pictures that Move Creating Cinemagraphs

  Course Files
  1 What are Cinemagraphs
  2 Essential Shooting Techniques for Cinemagraphs and Plotagraphs
  3 Develop Strategies for Cinemagraphs and Plotagraphs
  4 Creating Cinemagraphs with Photoshop
  5 Creating Cinemagraphs with Flixel
  6 Creating Cinemagraphs with Cliplets
  7 Creating a Plotagraph with Plotagraph Pro
  8 Creating Cinemagraphs with After Effects
  9 Optimizing the Cinemagraphs and Plotagraphs
  10 Posting Cinemagraphs and Plotagraphs

Creating in Cliplets

Now that you have shot your cinemagraph, it is time to put it together. One piece of software you can use to put together a cinemagraph is called Cliplets. How does this work? In this video, instructor Richard Harrington walks you through how to load a movie into Cliplets so you can assemble adjust and your cinemagraph.