Pictures that Move Creating Cinemagraphs

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  1 What are Cinemagraphs
  2 Essential Shooting Techniques for Cinemagraphs and Plotagraphs
  3 Develop Strategies for Cinemagraphs and Plotagraphs
  4 Creating Cinemagraphs with Photoshop
  5 Creating Cinemagraphs with Flixel
  6 Creating Cinemagraphs with Cliplets
  7 Creating a Plotagraph with Plotagraph Pro
  8 Creating Cinemagraphs with After Effects
  9 Optimizing the Cinemagraphs and Plotagraphs
  10 Posting Cinemagraphs and Plotagraphs

Core features of a cinemagraph image

Cinemagraphs are becoming quite popular on the Internet these days. So, what exactly is a cinemagraph? It’s a high end or really professional animated GIF that seamlessly loops a movie. What are the core feature? In this video, instructor Richard Harrington walks you through the core features of an animated GIF.