After Effects Advanced Photoshop Integration

  Course Files
  1 - Preparing Photoshop Files for Transfer
  2 - Working with Raw Images
  3 - Advanced Typographic Controls
  4 - Designing with Layer Styles
  5 - Correcting Lens Issues & Artifacts
  6 - Creating Perspective with Vanishing Point Exchange
  7 - Creating LUTs with Photoshop
  8 - Create Realistic Focus Effects for Backdrops & Keying
  9 - Mastering Content-Aware Tools Photoshop
Now that you have a Lookup Table, also known as a LUT, created, you can now export it and apply it to your video footage. How do you export a LUT? How do you apply a custom LUT to your footage? In this video, instructor Richard Harrington walks you through how to export and apply a custom LUT to footage in Adobe Photoshop.

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